Cluster API v1.7 compared to v1.8

This document provides an overview over relevant changes between Cluster API v1.7 and v1.8 for maintainers of providers and consumers of our Go API.

Go version

  • The Go version used by Cluster API is Go 1.22.x

Changes by Kind



API Changes


  • The support for INIT env variables was dropped in the clusterctl upgrade tests. If you were using INIT_WITH_BINARY, INIT_WITH_PROVIDERS_CONTRACT or INIT_WITH_KUBERNETES_VERSION consider using the corresponding fields in ClusterctlUpgradeSpecInput. If you prefer to use environment variables, read them e.g. via os.Getenv and then set the spec fields accordingly.

Suggested changes for providers

  • From Cluster API v1.7 the manager pods are created with terminationMessagePolicy set to FallbackToLogsOnError for the manager container. This offers the chance that the pod’s termination message will contain something useful if the manager exits unexpectedly, which in turn makes debugging easier. We also recommend this setting to provider managers. For an example, see the corresponding change in CAPV or CAPO.