Cluster API v1.3 compared to v1.4

This document provides an overview over relevant changes between Cluster API v1.3 and v1.4 for maintainers of providers and consumers of our Go API.

Minimum Go version

  • The Go version used by Cluster API is still Go 1.19.x


Note: Only the most relevant dependencies are listed, and ginkgo/gomega dependencies in Cluster API are kept in sync with the versions used by

  • v0.13.x => v0.14.x
  • v0.10.x => v0.11.x

Changes by Kind



  • clusterctl backup has been removed.
  • clusterctl restore has been removed.
  • api/v1beta1.MachineHealthCheckSuccededCondition condition type has been removed.
  • controller/external/util.CloneTemplate and controllers/external/util.CloneTemplateInput has been removed.
  • The option --list-images from clusterctl init subcommand has been removed.
  • exp/runtime/server.NewServer has been removed.
  • --disable-no-echo option from clusterctl describe cluster subcommand has been removed
  • api/v1beta1.ClusterTopologyManagedFieldsAnnotation field has been removed.
  • api/v1beta1.PopulateDefaultsMachineDeployment func has been removed.

API Changes

  • Backup(options BackupOptions) error in the Client interface has been removed.
  • Restore(options RestoreOptions) error in the Client interface has been removed.
  • cmd/clusterctl/client.RolloutOptions has been removed, RolloutRestartOptions, RolloutPauseOptions , RolloutResumeOptions, and RolloutUndoOptions have been added instead.
  • Annotation constant DisableMachineCreate has been updated to DisableMachineCreateAnnotation
  • Below Label constant have been updated
    • ClusterLabelName to ClusterNameLabel
    • ClusterTopologyMachineDeploymentLabelName to ClusterTopologyMachineDeploymentNameLabel
    • ProviderLabelName to ProviderNameLabel
    • MachineControlPlaneLabelName to MachineControlPlaneLabel
    • MachineSetLabelName to MachineSetNameLabel
    • MachineDeploymentLabelName to MachineDeploymentNameLabel
  • Below Condition and Reason constants have been updated
    • ExternalRemediationTemplateAvailable to ExternalRemediationTemplateAvailableCondition
    • ExternalRemediationTemplateNotFound to ExternalRemediationTemplateNotFoundReason
    • ExternalRemediationRequestAvailable to ExternalRemediationRequestAvailableCondition
    • ExternalRemediationRequestCreationFailed to ExternalRemediationRequestCreationFailedReason


  • clusterctl upgrade apply no longer requires a namespace when updating providers. It is now optional and in a future release it will be deprecated. The new syntax is [namespace/]provider:version.
  • WatchDeploymentLogs is changed to WatchDeploymentLogsByName, it works same as before. Another function WatchDeploymentLogsByLabelSelector is added to stream logs of deployment by label selector.
  • Cluster API controllers are now using an explicit security context by default.
  • It is recommended to drop usages of logs.AddFlags(fs, logs.SkipLoggingConfigurationFlags()). It was previously used to configure deprecated logging flags, but with the bump to component-base v0.26.0 this function is not configuring any flags anymore. Please note that the following logging flags have been removed: (in component-base, but this affects all CAPI controllers): --add-dir-header, --alsologtostderr, --log-backtrace-at, --log-dir, --log-file, --log-file-max-size, --logtostderr, --one-output, --skip-headers, --skip-log-headers and --stderrthreshold. For more information, please see:

Suggested changes for providers

  • Providers should add an explicit security context to their controllers deployment, see #7831 for reference.