Cluster API v1.2 compared to v1.3

This document provides an overview over relevant changes between Cluster API v1.2 and v1.3 for maintainers of providers and consumers of our Go API.

Minimum Go version

  • The Go version used by Cluster API is Go 1.19.x


Note: Only the most relevant dependencies are listed, and ginkgo/gomega dependencies in Cluster API are kept in sync with the versions used by

  • v0.12.x => v0.13.x
  • v0.9.x => v0.10.x
  • v0.14.x => v0.16.x
  •*: v0.24.x => v0.25.x (derived from controller-runtime)
  • v1.x => v2.x (derived from controller-runtime)
  • v0.24.x => 0.25.x

Changes by Kind


  • has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please use instead.
  • clusterctl init --list-images has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please use clusterctl init list-images instead.
  • clusterctl backup has been deprecated. Please use clusterctl move --to-directory instead.
  • clusterctl restore has been deprecated. Please use clusterctl move --from-directory instead.
  • Client deprecates Backup and Restore. Please use Move.
  • ObjectMover deprecates Backup and Restore. Adds replacements functions ToDirectory and FromDirectory.


  • MachinesByCreationTimestamp type has been removed.
  • ClusterCacheReconciler.Log has been removed. Use the logger from the context instead.

API Changes

  • A new timeout nodeVolumeDetachTimeout has been introduced that defines how long the controller will spend on waiting for all volumes to be detached. The default value is 0, meaning that the volume can be detached without any time limitations.
  • A new annotation has been introduced that allows explicitly skip the waiting for node volume detaching.


  • e2e tests are upgraded to use Ginkgo v2 (v2.1.4) and Gomega v1.20.0. Providers who use the test framework from this release will also need to upgrade, because Ginkgo v2 can’t be imported alongside v1. Please see the Ginkgo upgrade guide, and note:
  • Custer API introduced new logging guidelines. All reconcilers in the core repository were updated to log the entire object hierarchy. It would be great if providers would be adjusted as well to make it possible to cross-reference log entries across providers (please see CAPD for an infra provider reference implementation).
  • The CreateLogFile function and CreateLogFileInput struct in the E2E test framework for clusterctl has been renamed to OpenLogFile and OpenLogFileInput because the function will now append to the logfile instead of truncating the content.
  • The Move function in E2E test framework for clusterctl has been modified to:
    • print the clusterctl move command including the arguments similar to Init.
    • log the output to the a clusterctl-move.log file at the subdirectory logs/<namespace>.